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Frank Bean Yewiz is a spoiled man child of the first order who exists lavishly with his inherited wealth in Malibu California. And as tasteless as Frank is, he still manages to become blasé in the most lowbrow way imaginable. As his favorite pastime degenerates into a series of cruel assaults on homeless people living on the LA streets. Until, one day, Frank goes too far and suffers the consequences of his utterly selfish actions. He's left a broken man, a shell of his former self. And when he awakens in a hospital bed weeks later, Danae Standish, a mysteriously hired professional, informs him that he's lost all of his assets, including some basic human functions. She also tells him, in the unkindest way possible, that she’s been paid to look after him until he somewhat recovers. Frank is soon befriended by Barnaby and Doris, two homeless people whose residence is the infamous McArnold park. Which is now in danger of being bulldozed by LA's newest developer, Jimmy LeFleur: the man who stole every property and penny from him while he was incapacitated. Can Frank and his new friends heroically save McArnold Park and stop Jimmy’s nefarious plans? Or will despotic greed win yet another day while leaving them victims of unforgiving circumstances?

Smarter Than Yewiz is a shameless satire on capitalism and modern society. Commentary on memory, identity, and what it means to be human. While asserting the unpopular idea that even the worst people deserve to be understood.

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The debut novel by Kurt Mendez

Eric Madhavi is a mediocre poet who’s grossly unequipped for real life. It’s his beauty and monetary value that make him a target for Alexander Calderon’s chapter of Satanists at Mansion Leviathan. Alexander promises Eric a new life. The chance to be their celebrated Satanic poet. With membership and a new title. All, in exchange for capital and absolute loyalty. When Eric vaguely tells his friends Elizabeth Berthier and Benjamin Morris about this new religion, it seems too absurd for them to take seriously. But Eric is completely devoted. That is, until he meets Valerie Schneider. A young Christian woman whose heedless destructive appetites play cruelty with Eric’s naive and passionate heart. He believes that he’s in love. But she only uses him for pleasure. It will take more than Elizabeth’s genius and Ben’s pragmatism to save their friend from his farcical new obsessions that are far more dangerous than they could have imagined.

Satan and my Darling is a mordant satire on sexism and religion. A celebration of art and ideas. And a compassionate guide to creativity and life.

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